BoomID’s Identity Assurance Platform™ authenticates individuals by balancing usability and security with the most secure biometric: the palm of your hand.

BoomID’s state-of-the-art SaaS technology acts as a bridge between humanity and technology, confirming identity while offering a real near-time threat database to identify and prevent fraud, providing a holistic, comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform for cybersecurity professionals across multiple sectors including financial services, health care, and consumer.

BoomID Identity Assurance Engine™

All BoomID products are supported by the BoomID Identity Assurance Engine™, a machine learning-driven, near-real-time threat risk assessment tool that confirms a user’s humanity and prevents fraud by analyzing various identity, behavioral, and device indicators. The Identity Assurance Engine interprets the user’s claimed persona and substantiates its validity.

Identity assurance is a must for any business, but risk indicators and risk tolerance vary by industry. The BoomID Identity Assurance Engine is designed to generate risk scores and implement rules that are industry vertical-specific. The platform takes advantage of well-established data science techniques, introduces practical industry knowledge, and uses a machine learning-driven risk engine for identity verification and fraud detection. The BoomID Identity Assurance Engine does not apply a “one size fits all” approach, rather every industry is addressed depending on its unique requirements.


BoomID Identity Assurance Platform

Developer platform for the integration of BoomID technology and comprehensive and relevant fraud protection data into mobile and web applications

BoomID Mobile

The next generation password manager, digital wallet with single sign on, verified records storage, and passwordless access


An intuitive SSO platform for integrated identity access and open authentication, interoperable across the leading standards