BoomID Identity Assurance Platform

The BoomID Identity Assurance Platform™is a SaaS-based cloud solution which provides customers from any industry advanced and adaptive
security capabilities demanded by the cyber world today with products and features designed to:

  • Confirm identity in a digital-first world
  • Provide a near real-time responsive threat feed of confirmed fraud, stolen identities, and malicious devices
  • Analyze risk and deliver a measurable reduction in fraud

BoomID Identity Assurance Engine™

Identity Assurance and Threat Detection

The Identity Assurance Engine™ is the core capability of the BoomID Platform that provides security threat risk assessment analyzing various identity,
behavioral, and device indicators, leveraging state of the art machine learning models. All BoomID Platform products leverage the Identity
Assurance Engine™ (IAE) to augment security, leveraging the full strength of machine learning driven identity verification and threat assessment.

Each application revolves around the Identity Assurance Engine. BoomID Mobile™ is a source of verified identity information. The BoomID SDK™
provides the ability to use this intel to prevent fraudulent transactions across all integrated sites. The Identity Assurance Engine™ generates Identity
Assurance Scores™ that are subject to risk tolerances that are attuned to specific industries and type of user whether a consumer or a member of the

BoomID Identity Assurance

Platform Overview

BoomID Identity Assurance

Platform Products


Developer platform for the integration of BoomID technology and comprehensive and relevant fraud protection data into mobile and web applications

BoomID Mobile

The next generation password manager, digital wallet with single sign on, verified records storage, and passwordless access


An intuitive SSO platform for integrated identity access and open authentication, interoperable across the leading standards