BoomID Mobile™

The BoomID Mobile™ is a next generation password manager and digital wallet, providing the user with a single sign-on experience during application login, while providing secure storage of the user’s verified records.

BoomID Mobile leverages secure password vaults using a decentralized datastore approach. All the user’s data is stored securely only on their own mobile device. BoomID Mobile™ empowers users to leverage digital wallet, password manager, MFA, and privacy features of the BoomID Identity Assurance Platform™.

BoomID Mobile Features & Benefits:

  • Decentralized datastore – Fully encrypted secure vault(s) hosted in the user’s mobile device
  • Decentralized secure credential sync – The process used to synchronize multiple user’s devices leverages advanced security and encryption technology
  • Security and privacy augmentation – All users receive an encrypted vault for managing and storing passwords and credentials
  • Identity verification – BoomID Mobile™ utilizes the BoomID SDK™ product to perform multi-factor authentication via PalmAuth biometric or other authentication method, such as SMS, to augment the level of security
  • Strong password generator – Creates high-strength and random passwords for any website or application
  • Passwordless authentication user experience – The ability for the user to login to any website or account without having to remember a userID or password after having registered the site and their login credentials in BoomID Mobile



BoomID Mobile™ iOS & Android Applications

The mobile applications are the user’s touchpoint into the BoomID Identity Assurance Platform. These applications provide a secure and decentralized datastore for the user’s identity artifacts.

Password Manager

The BoomID Mobile password manager allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords for local applications and online services. The password manager can generate complex passwords for the user or retrieve passwords stored in a BoomID Mobile encrypted vault. The BoomID Mobile password manager offers maximum security and productivity to the user during the website login process, whether workforce or consumer, preventing password related attacks and other cyberthreats

Digital Wallet

The BoomID Mobile digital wallet is simply a digital form of a physical wallet that provides instant access to any verified records. Encryption keys for stored records are kept on the user’s device within the BoomID Mobile app. Information stored within the BoomID Mobile™ digital wallet can be shared with other users by using the “vault sharing” option, or within a corporate environment or business application using the OAUTH protocol.

Records that can be stored within the BoomID Wallet include:

○ Vaccine Passport ○ Health Insurance Card ○ Auto Insurance Card ○ Driver’s License ○ Venue Tickets ○ Travel Passport ○ Credit Cards

Browser Extensions

The BoomID Mobile browser extensions are available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers and allow users to experience and benefit from the password manager feature on their web browser. The extensions provide the same capabilities as the mobile application allowing the user to securely add/edit/delete sites and credentials, but actual passwords are never stored in the browser. When a user wants to login to a registered site, the extension performs a secure request to the user’s mobile device asking for the specific credential required. The only data kept in the extension are the site addresses that the user enrolls.